Happy Tails Pet Adoption Centre

Welcome! Contact us at happytailspac@live.ca

We accept donations through PayPal.  100% of donations are immediately paid onto out vet account at either Best Friends Animal Hospital or McPhillips Animal Hospital.



HTPAC would like to thank:

Best Friends Animal Hospital for providing vet care to the rescues

Funds for Pets, and Cat Tails rescue for providing donated food

Funds for Pets and Norway House Rescue for locating and flying/driving in dogs from Northern Reserved or Southern states who are in the most desperate need of help

The Dog Loft for raising funds and allowing us to use their facility for rescue events!

All of our foster homes for helping us take in the rescues that we do!

Anyone and everyone who has donated money, food, services, or goods to our rescue!  There are many of you and without you we couldn't do what we do!

Our mission statement is:

To help animals in need by providing necessary vet care, placing them in caring forever homes and educating pet owners about responsible pet ownership.


 We began in 2007 with our first rescues being few and far between.  At our peak we were finding new homes for over 100 - 150 pets every year. We are now (due to some personal changes and lack of funds to support caring for the rescues) only taking in 1-2 dogs at a time.  We are completely non-profit and rely on donations and adoption fees to cover the costs of rescuing, caring for, and rehoming all our animals, we are not currently a registered charitable organization.


We no longer accept owner relinquished pets unless there is no other option for that pet.  We are taking only dogs who are at risk of death.  These include mostly dogs from Northern Reserves (especially before their "dog days" where dogs are shot/tortured/killed as a form of population control.  We also take dogs who are set for euthanasia in kill shelters in the USA.  Last we also take dogs from WAS who have either been there for months OR are deemed to be predominantly Pitbull.  We are working on making a branch of our rescue into Manitoba Pitbull Rescue as there is no Pitbull rescue in Manitoba at this current time.  Unfortunately due to lack of physical space and financial reasons we are no longer able to accept ANY cats EXCEPT for feral cats.  We are hoping to be able to accept pet cats/kittens in the future.  Feral cats MUST be spayed/neutered, FeLuk/FIV tested negative, given a dose of revolution, and vaccinated for FVRCP and Rabies before being accepted into our feral rescue program.  We never euthanize any animal unless advised to do so by our veterinarian (ie. extreme sickness or injury where recovery is not likely).


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